Sunday, September 15, 2013

Roadsmary's Baby - revisited

I had Roadsmary's Baby when it was released a few weeks ago. It was very well recieved and they ran out of it in their tap room about a week later.

So, when I was at Two Roads the other day to try their new beer - Via Cordis - they had Roadsmary's Baby back on tap and I re-sampled.

I liked it when I had it for the first time; however, I thought it was relatively light on the spice and the rum was but a whisper on the back of the palette.

When I had it a second time, it was like an entirely different beer. The nose was a bigger, bolder hit of spice and pumpkin. The tastes was also bigger and bolder. The spices stronger and more in the forfront.  It was also rummier and had more flavor from the barrel. Of course, there was plenty of pumpkinness.

I liked the first release but this one beat it hands down.  It had more intense flavor and was a great pumpkin ale.

Get it on tap while it lasts! Roadsmary's Baby is a seriously tasty brew.

Overall: even better the second time around!

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