Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lefty's Pale Ale

Lefty's Brewery is a small steam powered seven barrel brewery in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  It is co-owned by a pair of south paws (i.e. lefties).  

Although I haven't gotten the chance to visit the brewery. I did the next best thing and stopped by a liquor store that is local to the brewery - Ryan and Casey - that stocks their beer and picked up a few bottles.

One of the brews I acquired was an unfiltered American pale ale brewed with Cascade hops "from start to finish".

Lefty's Pale Ale (6.00% ABV) pours a hazy honey gold with a tiny head that diminishes to a swirl of fine foam.

The aroma is crisp and citrussy. Mouthwatering.

The taste is bright and fresh.  Loads of citrussy hops give a burst of wonderful lemony flavor. A nice malty backbone provides a good counter balance so that the beer is mildly bitter and gently sweet.  The finish is crisp with lingering hoppy goodness.

The mouthfeel is somewhere between light and medium.

Lefty's Pale Ale is a delicous, smooth drinking beer. Great for any time for cool refreshment. This is a good beer!

Overall: very good

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