Thursday, October 3, 2013

Great'ER Pumpkin

Date night was a rousing success. I got to go out with hubby for hot wings, cold beer, more beer, a margarita and in bed by 9 PM. That's what I call success!

The more beer came in the form of Heavy Seas Great'ER Pumpkin.

When I saw it on the beer board I shouted above the din of the raucous bar room, "Yo! Bar babe! Bring on the pumpkin!" I didn't actually say that, but close enough. And I didn't have to shout either.  There's a reason we go out in the middle of the week. Just sayin'. 

Oh, and the tap handle is awesome in a creepy but in a fun way. I'm not too sure I'd actually want to touch it.

Great'ER Pumpkin (10.00% ABV) is a seasonal bourbon barrel aged pumpkin ale. It was served in a snifter. It poured a somewhat hazy bright burnt orange color with a floofy white head.

Holy moly, this is a BIG beer!

The aroma is loads of pumpkin and spice and vanilla. The wood and bourbon are also easily sniffed out. The alcohol isn't hiding anywhere, either.

Pumpkin and spices and vanilla are all boldly in evidence. The bourbon and booze push their way front and center. There is also the subtler flavor of oak lurking in the background. This is a boozy beer, for sure, but there is so much other yummy stuff going on here that it's not a distraction.  

The mouth feel is full and smooth.  It leaves your mouth all tingly - both from carbonation and alcohol.

This is an excellent example of a pumpkin ale. It's big and bold and wonderful.

Overall: very good!

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