Friday, October 4, 2013

Captain Lawrence Pumpkin

So many seasonal autumn beers, so little time. I may a beerholic before too soon. Ah, but everything in moderation, eh?  I shall try.

I tend to like beers Captain Lawrence brewery. So, it's safe to reason that I'll like their pumpkin beer. I'm not a huge pumpkin or spiced beer fan, so if I don't actually like it, I will at least be able to appreciate it.

Captain Lawrence Pumpkin (5.5% ABV) poured a clear red, red, red with only a half finger of foam. It was very red. Very pretty.

The aroma was pleasantly spicy and pumpkin-y.

The taste was far less bold than the smell lead me to anticipate. The pumpkin and spices were somewhat subdued. Where dd all that pumpkin and spice go? Malt was the boldest flavor I got with some ginger and caramel undertones. The finish is slightly sweet and dry.

The mouthfeel was medium with good carbonation. I'm not sure why there's wasn't much of a head; perhaps, to gentle of a pour.

Captain Lawrence Pumpkin was a tasty beer but for a pumpkin ale it was conspicuously lacking pumpkin flavor.

Overall: good

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