Monday, October 14, 2013

Smuttynose Scotch Ale

I like smut. Get your mind out of the gutter, what smut means today and what it originally meant are not quite the same.

I'm not really into porn but I love ""indecent or obscene language", which is the way the word was originally used.

I love using cuss words. Ask anyone who knows me! I let the F-bomb fly at every opportunity.

I also like that dirty beer maker known as Smuttynose. They make some great F'n beer!

I also an a big fan of Scotch Ale; Scottish style strong pale ale.

Scotch Ale (8.20% ABV) is from Smuttynose's BIG BEER series.

It pours a bright, clear amber with one finger of dense foam that hangs a round for a while but leaves no traces behind.

The aroma is malty with some herb and smoke notes. There is also a promise of sweetness in the smell.

The taste is immediately malty and sweet. There are undertones of wood smokes and a certain earthiness.  The alcohol is well disguiesed; it is neither tasted nor felt. The finish is clean and mildly smoky.

The mouth feel is medium with good carbonation.

Smooth and drinkable, this is a good Scotch ale but it's not the best I've had. I like it, but Smuttynose has better brews in their line up.

Overall: good

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