Sunday, July 27, 2014

7BB Double Red

My friends love me. Okay, I'm not sure if they actually love me. But they bring me beer when they travel and that's good enough for me.

My gal pal Lindsay recently went to New Hampshire for work. She asked if I'd ever been to Seven Barrel Brewery. Uhm, no. No I hadn't

So, Lindsay brought me beer! And a story. Lindsay always has an amusing tale to tell. This one is too good not to share.

Her job is to teach physicians and staff how to use new medical equipment. She was on a particular job where this one doctor avoided her. She would greet him every day and he wouldn't even acknowledge her. Well, Lindsay had a job to do and, doggonit, she was going to get that job done!

So, one day she stopped this doctor and said, "Listen, you and me we're going to be friends. You don't have to like me but we need to get this thing done."

She did her job and showed him how to use the new-fangled technology and the doctor was impressed.

Thereafter they were buddies.

So one day a co-worker says, "You like dogs, right?" Lindsay does indeed love dogs. So the person says, "You should ask Dr. so-and-so about his dog."

Lindsay says, "Are you trying to get me into trouble or something?"

"No! No! He just got a new puppy! You should ask him about it!"

Lindsay goes up to her new doctor friend and asks, "You have a new puppy??!"

"Yes I do."

"Ooooh! What kind of dog did you get."

"A poodle."

"What? They didn't have any dogs for men?"

You could hear a pin drop.

Lindsay put down her head and was like 'oh f^ck!'


She looked up sheepishly, "I'm lucky you like me?"



Double Red  (7.9% ABV) is one of the two growlers Lindsay gave me. We drank it after an afternoon in the garden.

It poured a clear reddish amber with a smallish head.

The aroma was mildly malty.

The taste was all malt. It was slightly sweet but more bitter. The alcohol was well concealed. The finish was a linger after taste of malt and bitterness.

The mouthfeel was medium with moderate carbonation.

I wish I had more to say about this brew but it is a pretty straightforward red ale. Not bad but not outstanding either.

Overall: good

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