Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Roads Brewery

There’s a new brewery in town . . . Two Roads Brewery.  There is a lot of buzz and the opening is much anticipated.  But, alas, we still have a few weeks to wait to sample their wares. 

Or do we?

On a whim I sent them a message asking if I, as a beer blogger, could get a sneak peak.  And, guess what?  They agreed!  

So, I guess *I* don't have to wait. WOOT!

I've visited quite a few breweries . . . well known, little known, large and small.  So, when I visited Two Roads I had some idea of what to expect.  Because of the size of the building Two Roads is housed in I knew it was going to be big, but when walked in I wasn't quite prepared for the enormity of it all.   WOW . . . this place is very impressive, especially for a start up.  Some of the better known breweries I've been to don’t have the brewing capacity that Two Roads has . . . over 100 barrels to start . . . and they haven’t even opened their doors yet. 

Not all the beer they hope to be brewing is their own.  They are planning to contract out to other breweries until they grow enough to fill the tanks with all their own brews.


The brewery is housed in an old factory building  . . . the century and a half old U.S. Baird manufacturing facility . . . which required major renovations.  They’ve made an effort to retain and incorporate many of the original features of the building . . . chain pulls, the woodwork, and one really big ass fan.  

The integration of the old and the new is an interesting metaphor for how Two Roads is combining the ancient art of brewing beer utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

In fact, the gorgeous bar top in the tasting room utilizes the wood bricks that were removed from the floor and the sides of the bar are made from wood they cut from the floor to accommodate the tanks.

They've done a remarkable job.  The tasting room is beautiful and spacious.  Tables and chairs throughout, sidebar with stools and the magnificent bar itself overlooking the brewery through floor to ceiling glass panels.

It wasn't me . . . I swear!

Speaking of the tasting room . . . I got the opportunity to sample a few of their beers.  After all, for me, the beer is what it’s all about.  I must say that I was as equally impressed with their product as I was with everything else.

I sat myself down at the bar and my gracious host Emily kindly poured.  

Looking the tap heads I thought the names for the beers were very clever; inspired by local people, places and things.
My very first taste of Two Roads beer was Holiday Ale which is a Bière de Garde (strong pale ale).  It pours a cloudy copper with a nice white head.  It was clean tasting with a hint of spice and a mildly bitter finish.  Very tasty and exceptionally drinkable.  Holiday Ale made a great first impression . . . delish!  Note:  Two Roads will not be bottling this yummy brew.  So you have to visit the tasting room to try it for yourself.

Next up was Honeyspot Road (6% ABV), a white IPA, named after a nearby street.  This was, without a doubt, my favorite of the three beers I got to taste.  A golden colored ale with a thick white head that hugs the glass and leaves a marked amount lacing.  Honeyspot Road is a deliciously refreshing IPA that has a touch of citrus flavor and just the right amount of hoppy bitterness.  Every sip left me wanting more and more.  This is definitely a beer that will be a staple in my beer pantry.  Awesomeness in a glass!  

The final pour was Road 2 Ruin, a double IPA.  A decidedly different taste from Honeyspot Road . . . but not in a bad way.  It pours a thick amber color with a medium head.  The first thing I smelled and tasted was the mouthwatering grapefruity cascade hops.  Road 2 Ruin has intense flavor but a crisp clean finish. Again, very slam-backable but I recommend restraint.  Road 2 Ruin is a fairly big beer at 7.2% ABV.

Emily was kind enough to pour me a bit more of the Honeyspot Road before she showed me more of the brewery.   And I still went home wanting more.  In fact, I want some right now.  

I'm looking forward to trying the forthcoming Two Roads offerings. If what I sampled was any indication of what to expect, I know I won't be disappointed.

The tasting room will be open by mid-December and I can't wait!

They will be open to the public every day except Mondays. Tuesday through Thursday 3-8, Friday and Saturday 11:30-9 and Sunday 11:30-5.   There will be snacks for sale in the tasting room and there will be food trucks parked out front on Fridays and Saturdays offering more substantial food stuff.   Tours will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I think Two Roads will be a great addition to our town.  I wish them success.  Their motto is "a road less traveled .  This is a road I plan on travelling quite often.  I’m looking forward to watching them grow . . . and, of course, drinking more of their beer.

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