Monday, June 17, 2013

Ryan & Casey

When we were passing through Massachusetts, hubby and I wanted to swing by Lefty's Brewery for a tour and tasting.  But logistically, we couldn't swing it.  So we did the next best thing by stopping at a liquor store that sold beer from  Lefty's - Ryan & Casey Liquor Store in Greenfield, MA.

I was totally caught off guard when I entered the nondescript store that was convenient stop off I-91.  The shelves and coolers were jammed packed with all manner of craft beer; much of which I couldn't get in Connecticut.  

Oh my!!

I could have gone absolutely nuts in this store and easily filled a shopping cart with beerific goodness.  

They have beer from local breweries as well as regional, national and international selections.

Unfortunately, I had to exercise restraint due to space limitations.  And, still I grabbed more than we could reasonably pack in the truck.  Still, hubby worked it out with his superior organizational skills. He's the best.

It was definitely worth the extra time it added to our trip to stop at this store!

Ryan & Casey is now a permanent destination anytime I'm passing through the area.  Check it out!  

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