Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grolsch Premium Lager

If I've said it once then I've said it a thousand (or more) times, I am NOT - I repeat, NOT - a fan of beer packaged in green bottles.  Why?  Because, from my experience, they tend to have a skunky smell and tasted.  Blech!

However, for a good cause, I sucked it up and bought a four-pack of Grolsch.   Actually, for two good causes.  

One was purely selfish.  Hey, I never claimed to be magnanimous. The first reason for making the sacrifice of  swilling brew from a green bottle was the whorish motivation to get an Untappd badge.   The reason for the Untappd badge is the celebration of Queen's Day in the Netherlands. Which is actually the secondary rationale behind getting the Grolsch.  I have no genealogical ties to the Netherlands but I'll drink to just about anything.


Lest I forget, there is actually a third reason for getting Grolsch.  The bottles! They are capped with swing top caps that are great to re-purpose.

Grolsch (5% ABV) is an okay beer.  It's nothing special, but if you're like me then you probably have some juvenile memory of drinking Grolsch.  For me, it was my introduction to imported beer.  And, I'm fairly certain I was under the legal drinking age at the time.  Some introduction, huh?

The smell is mildly skunky, kind of earthy and a little like mowed grass.  
The appearance is a pale gold.  

The taste is a little malty, a little bitter and very light.  It also has the unpleasant undercurrent of skunk.  

The mouth feel is very light, as well.  The alcohol content makes it very sessionable and exceptionally drinkable.

This is a pound it back kind of beer.  Like I said, it's not a great beer but it doesn't suck.  And it's beer.

So, drink 'em if you got 'em.  

And raise a cold one to the reigning queen of the Netherlands on April 30th (or the 29th if the 30th falls on a Sunday or May 1st if it falls on a Friday).  Complicated, I know.

Long live the queen, forever may she reign and whatnot!  CHEERS!

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