Monday, April 29, 2013

A visit to Thimble Island Brewing Company

I just so happened to be in the vicinity of Thimble Islands Brewery so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop in and get a growler refill.

The last time I was there (February) I had spoken with brewery co-founder Mike Fawcett about future expansion plans.  The new tanks have been installed and this weekend they finally brought their two new 15BBL fermenters online.  

When I arrived, there was a lot of activity in the brewery.  Despite that, Mike and Justin took a moment to say "hi".   I was pleased that they remembered me from my last visit and was even happier when they offered kind words about the article I wrote about my last visit (click here).

We chatted briefly the new fermenters.  These new tanks are a big deal for them because they increase their production capabilities enormously.   Bigger tanks mean more beer.  More beer is just all kinds of awesome.

I let them get back to their work and, while my growler was being filled, I had a tasted of their American Ale.  It was also my birthday and when I logged the beer on Untappd I had another happy surprise of getting a badge for drinking a brew on my birthday!  

Thimble Islands currently makes only two beers - American Ale and Coffee Stout.  As I was talking with their tap tender, I asked if there were any plans in the works for any new brews.  

In fact, they had just finished a test batch of a new IPA.  That got me very excited; if you know my beer preferences you'll know why.  As were were discussing the new beer, co-founder Justin Gargano went around the back of the bar.  To my delight he offered up a taste.  

Wow!  This was turning out to be the best birthday in recent history!!

The IPA, as yet unnamed, was delightful!  Even my husband, who is kind of meh on IPA's liked it.  

It poured a clear golden color with - in grand IPA style - a big bubbly head that clung to the sides of the glass.  The aroma was mouth wateringly hoppy.  The flavor was quite nice.  The initial taste was a light, flavorful blend of hops that progressed into a pleasant bitterness that built through to the finish.  

Justin informed me that what I tasted may not be exactly the same as the final product.  It will all depend on the availability of the variety of hops they end up using in the finished recipe. 

The test batch was delicious!  I can't wait to taste the final product.

Visit Thimble Island Brewery's website or check them out on Facebook

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