Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fish Paralyzer

Normally when I go to buy beer I have a pretty good idea of what I want.  And, because I'd rather chew glass than shop, more often than not I'll have a list in hand and make a bee-line to the beer guy at my favorite store and hand off my list.   He's good guy and accommodates my little eccentricity   

However, on occasion I'm forced to seek out my own beer.  Ugh!  Shopping!  But it's these times that I sometimes find beerific little treasures.   

Sometimes I'm attracted to a beer specifically because it has a cool name or a creative label.  I picked up Fish Paralyzer because of both.  And, there's the added bonus of a fun little tale on the back of the label.  

Seriously.  Fish Paralyzer - how cool is that for a name?? And the label has a nasty looking angler fish on it.  Awesomeness!

Fish Paralyzer (7.5% ABV) is brewed by RJ Rockers.  This is a true craft brewery where every single batch of beer is made by hand by the brewmaster.  That makes me very happy!

Fish Paralyzer pours a hazy copper color with big fluffy head. This is a dense brew with lots of sediment throughout with lots of bubbly carbonation rising along the sides of the glass.

The aroma a bright with spices, malt and yeast.

The flavor is a complexity of spices like clove and nutmeg, sweet malts and a wonderful breadiness.  However, the backbone of this brew is a bitterness just shy of massive.  

Fish Paralyzer is much more bitter than I typically expect from a pale ale, but I like it!

The mouth feel is medium and bubbly.

This is a tasty brew that is dangerously quaffable.  

Overall: Very good.

Visit RJ Rockers website or visit them on Facebook.  

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