Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Willibrew House Taps

Willimantic Brewing Company is one of my favorite breweries in Connecticut.  Unfortunately, all the way across the state and there's no real easy way of getting there.

So when I get the opportunity to go there I take full advantage of the visit.  That is, I have a designated driver and I drink as many different beers as possible.

Willibrew isn't all about the beer either.  The  brewpub is located in an old post office and the atmosphere is amazing. The wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable.   And the food?  Oh my goodness!  My favorite is their build-your-own burger.  I get balsamic beer glazed onions, grilled portobello mushrooms and blue cheese crumbles on mine with a side of garlic fries.  Their garlic fries kick ass!  They are literally french fries with minced garlic dumped all over them.  Potent and delicious!

They're beer is some of the best craft beer I've had.  This past trip I tried all the Willibrews on their beer menu - nine in all.  Don't freak out.  I didn't drink nine full pints of beer.  I'm a lush but not that big of a lush.

Hubby and I shared a flight of five different Willimantic brews and then shared a couple pints each. 

Anniversary Amber (5.9% ABV) brewed in honor of the brewery's 22nd anniversary was one of my favorite brews of the day.  It is a clear amber ale with a light floral and fruity aroma.  It is lightly sweet with a fresh fruity (raspberry) quality.  It is nicely balanced by a slightly bitter finish.  Overall: excellent!

Mail Carrier Maybock (5.9% ABV) is a clear amber colored ale with a light malty aroma.  The taste is malty and fruity.  Sweet without being cloying.  A nice balanced brew.  The finish is clean with a hint of malt.  Delish! Overall: very good!

Hopsolutely EPA (6% ABV) is a cloudy honey color with a head that diminishes to a filmy ring that hugs perimeter of the glass. There is a big malt presence up front then the hops emerge to end in a nice bitter finish.  Overall: very good!

Hop Abyss (6.9% ABV) is another of my favorite brews.  It is a deep sable brown with a dense head.  The flavor, hmm, imagine a hopped Russian imperial stout.  Espresso coffee and dark chocolate merges with a lovely hoppy bitterness.  The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth.  This beer is black IPA perfection!  Overall: Excellent!

Mysterious Barrel Aged Sour (9.5% ABV) is described as "a blend of various barrel aged sour beers".  I fully admit I am not a big fan of sours.  Let me tell you here and now that I loved this beer!  It is a hazy copper color with a swirl of foam on top. The aroma is boozy and fruity - kind of brandy-like.  The taste is sweet and tart.  There is a definite champagne quality to this brew, both in flavor and mouth feel.  It finishes dry and slightly bitter.  This is truly the most amazing sour I've ever tasted.  Overall: Excellent!

Sterling Nugget IPA (6.2% ABV)  is a cloudy honey color.  The aroma is kind of sweet for an IPA; fruity.  The initial taste is of malt and fruit but hoppy bitterness quickly emerges to create a nice balance of flavors.  The finish is pleasantly bitter.  I liked this one!  Overall: very good!

Address Unknown IPA (6% ABV) is a bright amber color.  This is what an IPA smells like!  Mouthwateringly hoppy! This brew is for the true hophead.  The taste is bitter, bitter and bitter.  NOM!  Overall:  Very good!

Certified Gold Ale (4.7%) is a brew for everyone.  Sessionable, easy drinking and flavorful.  The aroma and flavor are pleasantly malty.  This beer is just right, not too bitter and not too sweet.  Just right!  Overall: very good!

Casked Mail Carrier Maybock with rosebuds (5.9% ABV) is a clear amber colored ale.  The aroma is lightly malty with a hint of roses.  The taste is malty and fruity but the rosebuds add a remarkable pepper-like aspect.  A distinct rose flavor emerges towards the end and makes for a unique and delicious beer.  I've never tasted anything quite like it and find myself craving it.  Awesomeness! Overall: excellent!

The beer at Willimantic Brewing Company are consistently good, fresh and delicious with varying degrees of excellence.  Very rarely do I happen upon a brewery that I can say I like every one of their beers. WBC is that kind of brewery!  Outstanding!


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