Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Founders KBS

I've stated previously that my experience with Founders beer has been hit or miss.  I'm finding that, although my preference in beer leans towards a lighter hoppier brew, that when it comes to Founders beer I like their darker beers much better.  They scored some big points in my book with Kentucky Breakfast Stout.  That is a seriously good brew!

KBS (11.2% ABV) is a breakfast stout aged in bourbon barrels.  Other bourbon stouts I've had are aggressive and taste more like bourbon than beer.  The bourbon flavor in this one is a subtle afterthought.  Very nice.

It pours a rich, velvety black with hints of ruby.  The tawny head is creamy but minimal.  

The aroma is roasty coffee with hints of dark chocolate and undertones of bourbon.  Very promising!

The first thing that I noticed when tasted KBS was how full and creamy the mouth feel is, almost luxurious.

The taste is an explosion of coffee, chocolate and toasted malts.  The bourbon flavor builds along with a pleasant boozy warmth and finishes the same.

Despite the high alcohol content, this is a smooth drinking beer.  The alcohol adds character without being distracting.

The flavors and aroma intensify as the beer warms in the glass and enhance the enjoyment of this wonderful beer.

Overall:  Excellent.  Get some! (if you can)

For more information about their beers visit Founder's website or check them out on Facebook.

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