Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bräuista makes the virtual pages of local e-magazine

I was recently asked by the owner of Connecticut Beer and Wine to contribute to an article - I was asked:

"If you could go to your local package store and create a six pack of any beer in the world (with at least one being from Connecticut), what could we find you carrying out?"

It was a very difficult list to come up with, let me tell you!  I could pick a six pack from my favorite local breweries alone.  And then there's my favorite New Hampshire breweries and then the breweries from all over the country.  

My initial selection was a case.  Then I whittled that down to a 12-pack.  And, finally a 6-pack.  

Tough choices, difficult decisions.  I think I chose wisely.

Read my selections on in the article titled:

Connecticut Craft Beer Drinkers Build Their Own Six-Pack



gbelladauna said...

LOVE your pics!

gbelladauna said...

Wow, it's Friday. I meant picks. Good lord.