Thursday, July 18, 2013


Wings and beer night was successful in that the wings were hot and spicy and the beer cold and refreshing.   That's good, because that's what wings and beer night is all about, right?

And then things turned ugly.  Not ugly so much as yucky.

I should've been prepared.  I knew it was coming.  

It all started when we walked into the bar and we spied the specials board where cheerfully chalked was:  Beat the heat! Chill out with a Straw-ber-ita or a Bud Lime!

As much a fan of margaritas as he is of beer, Hubby said, "I may have to try a Straw-ber-ita."

I was like, "Uhm, yeah.  You do that."
So after we had our yummy wings and drank our pitcher of beer I asked, "Are you really going to get one of those Straw-ber-ita things?"

He said, "I will if you share it with me."

"But if I drink it then I have to review it."  And then I remembered that friend and fellow blogger Pints and Panels just that same day reviewed Bud Lime.  So, I thought to myself, "If P&P can blog about Bud Lime then I guess I can write about it's pinker, berrier sister beverage (I shudder to call it beer)."

I snagged the beermaid as she bopped by and asked her to bring us a Straw-ber-ita.  She made a Mr. Yuck face and asked with incredulity, "You really want to drink one of those?"

I said, "No, not really, but bring it on!"  

She brought us the big 16-ounce can and two glasses filled with ice garnished with a wedge of lime.

STRAW-BER-RITA (8% ABV) is a malt beverage with natural flavors, artificial sweetener and artificial color.  That should tell you something, hmm?

It pours a bright cherry Kool-Aid pink and smells like fruit punch with a dollop of strawberry syrup mixed in.

The taste?  Well, the expression on my face should be some indication.  It tastes like drunken pixie sticks on glue. Maybe with an unhealthy dose of cough medicine stirred in for good measure.

Yep, it's that good.

When the beermaid stopped by to check on us, she asked how it was.  I made the same Mr. Yuck face she made.  She got the point.

I'm pretty sure she didn't charge us for that alcoholic travesty. That's a good thing.  Because I wouldn't want to pay for it.  


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