Friday, July 12, 2013

Sebago Patersbier

Another date night found hubby and I at our favorite place for hot wings, cold beer, and friendly bar maidens.

The first thing I do when I enter Porky's Cafe is check out the beer board.  If there's a new-to-me brew to be had I'm all over that like thick foam on a hearty stout.

This night I was not disappointed.

After we finished our pitcher of water - AKA Bud Light - I ordered up a pint of Sebago Patersbier.

Again, I was not disappointed. Sebago's Patersbier a really good and interesting beer!

As an aside, patersbier (father's beer) is a Trappist table beer. It's not a style of beer, just a lower alcohol version of a regular beer.  Traditionally, only available to the monks within the monastery; sometimes served with meals but often reserved for festive occasions.

Patersbier (5.3% ABV) by Sebago is a Belgian Pale Ale was served in a stemmed pint glass, it was a mostly clear golden color with almost no head.

The aroma was amazing; hefeweizen-ish, peachy with floral notes. Very pleasant.

The taste was complex, interesting and tasty.  There were clear hefeweizen characteristics coupled with a pleasant bitterness. Bitter but not with a big bite. Peaches were a big part of the flavor profile with essence of banana, clove and other spices. The finish was mildly sweet with a whisper of bubblegum.

The mouthfeel was medium-light with moderate carbonation.

Patersbier goes down oh-so easy.  Which is okay.  It's a session beer. So, have two.  I did!

Overall: über good!


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