Wednesday, July 17, 2013

19 Original Colonies Mead

Mead is the bees knees!  Like craft beer, craft mead is emerging in the main stream marketplace.  And like craft beer, mazers are coming up with their own individual styles.  They're creating something new and fresh from a beverage that is thousands of years old.  And that's awesome!

My first taste of mead was at Willimantic Brewing Company when they had Redstone Black Raspberry Nectar on guest tap.  I was smitten!  It is lightly effervescent, pleasantly sweet, and absolutely delicious.

Then I discovered Sap House Meadery while vacationing in New Hampshire. Their unique spin on traditional mead is remarkable. Their mead varieties are rich and tasty.  Each has a different flavor profile and a varied degree of sweetness.

But no mead I've ever tasted is anything like Rogue Farms (Rogue Ales) 19 Original Colonies Mead. That's not a bad thing. It's different and wonderful!

Maybe the coolest thing about Rogue's mead is that the honey comes from their own honey bees.  These bees  flit about sampling all kinds of yummy goodness on Rogue Farms, including the seven varieties of hops Rogue grows. Those have got to be some awesomely happy bees!

I would love to flit around sampling hops.  Bzzzzz.  ~(,)~

19 Original Colonies Mead (5.2% ABV) pours a clear deep golden color.

The aroma is ripe with the scents of sweet honey, warm jasmine and wild flowers.

The flavor was surprising.  It was crisp and dry with Pinot Grigio taste characteristics.  Jasmine and honey characteristics are clearly discernible  but it's not at all sweet like I was expecting; both from the smell and prior experience.  It is light and refreshing and luscious!

What sets 19 Original Colonies Mead apart from the other mead I've had previously is its dryer wine-like quality.  I like it.  A lot!

I like them all. A lot!

That's what I love about craft beer - and craft mead - there are so many different tastes and varieties.  There's something for every palate, mood, and setting.  


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