Monday, July 29, 2013

My Antonia

My Ántonia is one book of a trilogy written by Willa Casher in the early 20th century. (Also included in the series are O Pioneers! and The Song of the Lark).

The story follows the life of Ántonia through the eyes of Jim Burden who has a strong emotional attraction to her.

The book is considered one of the great American classics.  If you're interested in reading My Ántonia (or the trilogy), it is free in digital format via Project Gutenberg (available for free Kindle download on Amazon).

My Antonia (7.50% ABV), the beer, is brewed by Dogfish Head.  It is a hopped pilser that started out as a collaboration beer with Birra del Borgo but is now a standard Dogfish Head offering.

My Antonia (7.50% ABV) pours a barely hazy gold with a glimmer of reddish highlights.  It is capped by a solid head that dissipates slowly that leaves decent lacing for the style.

The aroma is complex with citrus and floral notes complimented by grassy undertones.  A very pleasing smell.

The taste is dry and refreshing with an impressive amount of citrus and a mellow hoppy bite. There is a nice "green" taste that correlates nicely to the prairie theme of My Ántonia (the book).  The pale malts add a touch of sweetness and toasty biscuit.  The alcohol is impressively well concealed.  The finish is crisp and somewhat bitter.

The mouthfeel is light with nice carbonation.  My Antonia is an exceptionally quaffable brew. Just be careful of the high alcohol content.

My Antonia is a great beer.  There are a whole lot of wonderful bright, earthy, homey flavors that work very well together in this amazing pilsner.

Overall: excellent

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