Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Opa-Opa IPA

There may be nothing as fun as shooting a round of sporting clays on a great course on a beautiful day.  If you're not familiar with sporting clays, think of it as golfing with a shotgun; except that your shooting at clay pigeons flying through the air or rolling across the ground instead hitting balls with a club.  It's the same level of violence with a heck of a lot more noise.  And way more fun, in my ever so humble opinion.

If there's nothing as fun as shooting sporting clays then there's nothing is better than kicking back with an ice cold beer with good friends after a day of shooting sporting clays.

What's better than that? Getting to try a new beer on top of all that.  Yep, that's some awesomeness right there!

It's neat how things turn out sometimes. The new beer I was drinking was a cowboy themed beer. It was very fitting.

The beer was Opa-Opa IPA brewed by Opa Opa Steakhouse and Brewery.    

I drank Opa-Opa (6.00% ABV) straight from the bottle relaxing around a cooler full of iced brews with my shooting buddies.  The point is, I don't know what it looked like. 

The aroma was mildly hoppy, a little fruity and malty.

The mellow aroma belied the hoppy bite I experienced with the first sip.  The mostly citrus hops were complimented nicely by a solid malt backboned.  Bitter hops dominated the palate but there was a bit of yeasty bread and fruit, as well.  The finish was crisp and dry with residual bitterness.  

Straight from the bottle, the mouthfeel was light with loads of carbonation. 

I thought this was a pretty tasty and refreshing beer.  Especially, fresh out of the ice.  Not the best IPA ever but not too shabby either.  I liked it.

Overall: good

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