Friday, July 19, 2013

Mrs. Stoutfire

Mrs. Stoutfire is a collaboration between The Bruery and Beachwood Brewing

When I heard the name, my mind conjured a disturbing image of Robin Williams dressed in drag. Thankfully, actually consuming the beer alleviates any discomfort and/or anxiety this imagery evokes.

Mrs. Stoutfire was inspired by the barbecue served at Beachwood Brewing's restaurant.  The malts for the beer are smoked in the same smoker using the same wood - apple, white oak, and pecan wood - used for smoking Beachwood's meat.

If that's not enough, they also age the beer with the same mixture of woods.

The process imparts the flavors of the wood into the beer, creating a unique brew.

Mrs Stoutfire (9.5% ABV) pours a deep dark brown with ruby highlights.  It builds a big, mocha colored head that hangs around for quite a while.

The aroma is malty with hints of dark chocolate and plenty of smoky goodness.

There is a big coffee flavor up front with a good dose of bitter chocolate and roasty malt.  The smoke is infused throughout.  The finish is mildly bitter with lingering smokiness.  There is a definite alcohol presence that can be both tasted and felt but not in a distracting sort of way.

The mouthfeel is pretty full making for a smooth, creamy beer. 

Overall: very good.

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