Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Double Trouble

When I had my first Founder's beer I was like, "Meh.  What's all the fuss about."  That was Cerise and I wasn't a fan.  Perhaps because I'm not a big fan of sours.

And, then there was All Day IPA; I really didn't like it which was a big shocker to me because I love love love IPA's.

Then there was Breakfast Stout.  Oh my sweet heaven but that's good beer! My love affair with Founders began right then and there.  Holy crap but that's awesomeness in a glass!  I began to think, maybe they do better on darker beer.  Maybe that's their forte.

But every Founders beer since, light or dark, I've liked.  So, I guess it's a good thing I kept trying them despite the initial bad impression.  Founder's brews up a boatload of awesomeness!

So now there's this here Double Trouble. Great label, by the way.  If an IPA is good, a double one is better.

Double Trouble (9.40% ABV) pours a bright, clear amber that practically glows.  The head is fairly thin but lingers as a halo of bubbles.

The aroma is tart hops and juicy fruits.  Mouthwatering!

The hops are big and bold.  A real flavor explosion.  Yum! The underlying malt hold up and compliment the bitterness quite well. The alcohol is ridiculously well concealed, so watch out!  The finish is crisp and dry.

The mouthfeel is medium and mildly bubbly.

Double Trouble is super easy going down and very tasty.  A really good brew!

Overall: very good!

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