Friday, January 3, 2014

Smoked Apple Hard Cider

Smoke flavor in some types of beer - Rauchbier, for example - is desirable for it's distinctive flavor and the characteristics it imparts to the brew.

However, until I spotted a bottle on the shelf of my favorite beer store, a smoked hard apple cider had never have occurred me.

Woodchuck makes such a cider.  From their Cellar Series - Smoked Apple.

The solids - skins, pulp, seeds - left over from the pressing were smoked in a combination of maple and applewood. Then the cider was filtered through the smoked solids; infusing the cider with a gentle smoky flavor.

It is an interesting contrast of flavors; wood smoke and sweet apple. I imagine this would be wonderful with smoked Gouda and meats. I will definitely have to try this pairing.

Smoked Apple (6.5% ABV) pours a crystal clear burnt sienna.

The aroma is smoke and sweet apples.

The taste mirrors the smell. The smoke is gentle and doesn't overpower the delicious sweetness of the apples.

This is a very drinkable cider. It goes down easy and tastes delightful.

Overall: very good

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