Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cambridge House Kolsch

I bought this beer thinking I hadn't had it before. When I went to log it on Untappd the only Kölsch listed for Cambridge House is the Copper Hill Kölsch which I have had before.

So, now I'm confused. I had to dig around a bit before I came up with the information that clarified the situation.

I know, I know. Most people would just say "whatever" and drink the beer. Me? I gotta know stuff.

Think of it this way. You get to benefit from the results of my inquiring mind.

It turns out that this Kölsch and the Copper Hill Kölsch are one and the same. 

Here's the deal. The original owner of Cambridge House sold the brew pub in Granby to somebody else. He then went on to open another brew pub in Torrington which subsequently closed. However, the original owner retained the rights to distribution of Cambridge House brews.

The Cambridge House brew pub in Granby can sell the beer in pints and growlers. Cambridge House beer company sells the beer for distribution. Same beer - different packaging.

Okay that doesn't explain the name change. Maybe someone didn't like the name and dropped it. Who knows. Whatever.

Now you know more about Cambridge House beer than you ever wanted to know.

My original review for Cambridge House Kölsch (5.1% ABV) was  a clear straw color with a thin lingering head that laces nicely on the glass.  The aroma is hoppy and somewhat bready.  Sweet malt dominates with a touch of fruitiness and a healthy (but not overbearing) dose of hops.  The finish is mildly bitter.  The mouth feel is medium and smooth.   

This batch was definitely more bitter but still a tasty brew!

Overall: good.

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