Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Long Trail Craft Beer Food Pairing Seminar

Long Trail produces consistently good, flavorful beer.

My first taste of Long Trail beer was a Blackberry Wheat. It has persisted as one of my favorite Long Trail brews. It's a damn tasty beer!

The day I visited the brewery - way back in 2008 - was when I began fully appreciating the brewery. Being in the place where a beer is actually brewed somehow makes me feel more in touch with the beer. Or maybe it's all those samplers.



Imagine my delight when I was invited to attend a Long Trail Craft Beer Food Pairing Seminar! It's doubly cool because it's being held at Mohegan Sun Casino, so not only will I be able to drink beer and eat food but also gamble away my hard earned dollars. Nothing could be finer.

The event is this coming Friday - January 24th - from  7 PM to 8:30 PM.

Long Trail beers will be paired with recipes from the American Craft Beer Cookbook:
- Belgian Brunette with assortment of Grafton Village Vermont aged cheeses
- Ramble Lemon Pepper Kölsch with individual shrimp tarts and shrimp reduction
- Culmination Chocolate Porter with chicken mole
- Long Trail Ale with roasted root vegetable hash
- Limbo Double IPA with carrot cake topped with bourbon mascarpone frosting

If you would like to join me and other beer enthusiasts for this informational, buzz inducing seminar,  tickets are still available here.

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