Thursday, November 7, 2013


I never read Moby Dick as a child, although I read it later as an adult. It wasn't required reading and I wasn't interested so I didn't read it. I didn't really get into reading until I read Stephen King's Salem's Lot, but that's neither here nor there (whatever dafuq that means).

Almost everyone knows the firs line of the book whether they've read it or not. Moby Dick not Salem's Lot.

"Call me Ishmael." No, don't call me Ishmael. That's the first line of Moby Dick.

What's this got to do with beer? Hang in there, I'm getting to the point.

Rising Tide Brewery has a beer called Ishmael. See? BEER!

It is an American copper ale that is, indeed, named after the protagonist in Moby Dick.

Ishmael (5.% ABV) pours a bright coppery orange with a dense head the leaves behind little lacing. It is a beautiful looking beer; gorgeous color!

The aroma is incredibly malty, primarily caramel, and a hint of roastiness.

The taste is deep and complex. It is initially sweet caramel malts followed by a darker roastier, almost smoky, flavor. There is mild bittering to offset the sweetness of the malt, although there is not a strong hop presence. The finish is clean despite the malty sweetness.

The mouthfeel is medium with brisk carbonation making this brew crisp and drinkable.

Ishmael is a good beer from a brewery that has yet to disappoint me. A good example of the style. Another enjoyable beer from Rising Tide.

Overall: good

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