Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Abita WIP / Dogfish Head American Beauty

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that once a week hubby and I have a date night usually consisting of hot wings and cold beer. If you're new to my blog, well,  then now you know.

Porky's Cafe in Shelton, CT is like our Cheers. We don't get Norm'd but, without having to say a word, we promptly get served a pitcher of cold beer and a pair of frosty mugs followed shortly by a heaping plate of saucy hot wings.

As per tradition, the pitcher is always some macro light beer; usually Coors Light or Bud Lite. Scoff, if you will, but I'm no beer snob and I like cheap cold beer with my hot wings. It is what it is.

That being said, I look forward to seeing what's on their rotating tap. It is often a micro beer I haven't had before and that is my dessert.

I was thrilled this week to discover that they had installed a second set of taps! Oh my sweet lord! So this past week I got to try two new to me craft brews! Score!

WIP (7% ABV) by Abita is a Wheat India Pale Ale. Think hopped up hefeweizen.

It was served in a Samuel Adams pint. It was a hazy honey color with a finger of white foam that diminished but retained throughout.

The aroma was clearly wheat with hints of banana and a sharp tang of citrus hops.

The taste was primarily wheat with some banana, clove, bubblegum accompanied by a mildly bitter citrus bite. The finish was slightly bitter combined with some lingering sweetness.

The mouth feel is light and smooth.

Abita WIP is tasty and drinkable but nothing special.

Overall: good

American Beauty (9.00% ABV) by Dogfish Head is an American pale ale. Inspired by the Grateful Dead it was brewed with - get this - granola. I was never a fan of the Grateful Dead but I'm a HUGE fan of this beer!

It was served in a Samuel Adams pint. It was a clear amber bordering on red with a frothy floof of white glass grabbing foam.

The aroma was droolworthy.  The aroma is malty and you can really smell the granola. There is some hoppiness wafting about in the aroma, as well.

The taste is mostly sweet offset by some bitterness. A solid malt backbone with honey and granola clearly discernible. More subtle flavors of grain and nuts come through, as well. The hops are gentle and barely make an appearance.  There is mild alcohol warming but nothing too distracting.

The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth with low but lively carbonation.

Dogfish Head American Beauty flippin' ROCKS! Get some!

Overall: excellent

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