Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Espresso Russian Imperial Stout

A good coffee stout is the best of my two favorite beverage worlds. The addition of espresso to a solid stout simply takes it to a whole other level. Dark roasted malt, char, and bitter espresso makes for a complex and flavorful brew.

Espresso Russian Imperial Stout (11.00% ABV) by Stone Brewing is that kind of beer. Hundreds of pounds of espresso beans brewed with Stone's classic RIS.

It pours a thick black with cherry red highlights. It builds a thick, creamy head that leaves behind loose lacing.

The aroma is bold like fresh brewed coffee, dark roasted malt, bitter chocolate and whisper of vanilla.

It has all the flavors of a good Russian Imperial Stout. Layered on top of that is the intensity of rich espresso, dark chocolate, and a tease of sweet vanilla bean. Deep roasted malt and char add intensity. This is a big beer and it's hard to hid all that alcohol. There's a definite boozy quality; however, it is not at all offensive. The finish is bitter.

The mouth feel is full and creamy. The alcohol leaves a tingle on the tongue and warmth going down.

If you like a good Russian Imperial Stout and you love good coffee then get a bottle or three.  Enjoy.

Overall: very good.

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