Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wassail Ale

As the cold sets in and the snowflakes fly, my thoughts turn to winter warmers; beer that is always big on sweet malts, sometimes spiced, and often emboldened by alcohol warmth.

Wassail Ale by Woodstock Inn Brewery fills that bill. It is a malt forward brew with a hefty 8% ABV.

It pours a deep rich mahogany bordering on red with a smallish head the diminishes to a halo of foam clinging to the edge of the glass.

The aroma is malty with subtle hops and spiciness.

The taste is gently sweet with malt and molasses and dark fruits dominating the palate. A touch of hops compliment and counterbalance the sweetness. The alcohol is impressively well concealed. The finish is slightly bitter with lingering malt.

The mouth feel is coating and nearly heavy.

Wassail is a good example of a winter warmer with its sweet, flavorful and comforting flavors that conjure images of a cold evening spent cozied up in a snugly blanket by a raging fire enjoying a fine brew.

Overall: very good

Note: The brewer indicates that, although this is a winter warmer, there are no spices added to this beer. Irregardless, there is some spiciness - perhaps imparted by the hops - that I detected when drinking this yummy brew.

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