Saturday, November 2, 2013

Route of All Evil

From deep within the recesses of brewer Phil Markowski's mind comes a new seasonal beer that is as tasty and complex as it is beautiful to look at.

Two Roads Brewery presents an ale from the crypt, the Route of all Evil.

Although generously hoppy, it is not a black IPA. Although intense and roasty, it is not a porter or a stout. It's something in between. A dark mysterious combination thereof.

Route of All Evil (7.5% ABV) pours a deep, dense brown bordering on black. Crimson highlights appear when the glass is held up to the light. The head builds thick and fluffy. The foam clings to the side of the glass in a tight lacy pattern.

The aroma is a combination of roasty malts and dark chocolate with a bold burst of tart, resinous hops.

The taste is immediately bitter from the hops and some char. Mildly dank pine and bitter citrus hops are subdued by roasted malt, dark chocolate, and the gently sweeter flavors of molasses and dried fruit. The flavors are well married and balanced. The finish is dry and bitter.

The mouth feel is full and creamy. The effervescence lightens and smooths it out.

There's a great contrast with this beer when compared to when it is cold and fresh from the tap to after it's been allowed to warm in the glass. The flavors sharpen and become bolder. And, the alcohol can be better felt and tasted.

Route of All Evil is an excellent addition to Two Roads building cast of brews. And it is distinctly Phil Markowski.

A great, flavorful beer. Big and bold. Good stuff!

Overall: very good

BTW - the clown on the label is creepy beyond belief and scares the bajoopies out of me!

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