Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Firkin of Jalapeño Pils

So there I was performing my domestic duties – mixing cocktails, fixing dinner, and whatnot.  When all of a sudden, from the living room, I hear what can only be described as a cross between a cry of anguish and a squeal of delight.

I rushed in to find my husband looking a little . . . well . . . odd.

He looked up at me and said. “Two Roads has a firkin of jalapeño pilsner pouring right now.”

He’s lounging in his comfy pants and I've got dinner on the stove.  And I’m like, “What the duck!  Let’s go!”  I didn't really say “duck”, but I’m trying to keep it clean here.  

He’s like, “Damn, now I have to get dressed again.”

But dressed he got, dinner was put on hold and we headed out the door.

The next thing I know, I’m seated at the bar in the tasting room of Two Roads Brewery with a cold beer in front me.

The firkin was filled with Ol’ Factory Pils (5.0% ABV) that had been infused with jalapeño.   One hot pepper had been soaking in that beer for a week and a half and the result was waiting patiently in front of me.

The aroma was pleasantly peppery and mildly spicy.  Tempting.

The clear golden lager was topped with a thick head of bright white head.  The unusually hoppy pilsner was enhanced by a mild peppery bite of jalapeño.  The brew wasn't too spicy but enough to leave behind a pleasant capsaicin burn that built up with each sip.  It never amounted to a real burn, though.  

The casked jalapeño pils was light, wonderful, and perfectly spicy.  What a fantastic beer!  I could drink it all day and all night long.

Awesomeness in a glass!


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