Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Dogtown

Lagunitas New Dogtown?  What happened to the old dogtown?  I noticed some writing around the edge of the label but couldn't quite make it out.  I wonder if that's a clue?  Let's take a closer look.
Hmm, it says that it is not the original Dogtown Pale Ale.  Okay, so there was another version of this beer.  Interesting.

As I read on, this brew is supposed to be better.  Well, that's always a good thing!  

It goes on to say that the original beer tasted like broccoli and kerosene and was dangerously carbonated.  Oh come on now!  I can't imagine any Lagunitas beer being bad let alone tasting like that!

That's all the label says.  Not too helpful but at least I'm getting somewhere.  A little digging reveals that in 2007-ish Lagunitas brewed a limited edition beer called Kill Ugly Radio honoring that lovable freak Frank Zappa.  

Some weissenheimer at the brewery got the brainiacical idea to mix the old Dogtown Pale Ale with Kill Ugly Radio and New Dogtown Pale Ale was created.

Just like that.  A miracle.  Sort of.

New Dogtown (6.10% ABV)  pours a clear gold with a thick white glass grabbing head.  The complexion in the glass is a deep reddish gold.  Amazing lacing!

The aroma is citrus, resin, bread and malt. Interesting and complex.  Totally mouthwatering.

The initial flavor is of grapefruit and pine followed by bread like undertones.  Malt tone down the hops a bit creating a good balance between the bitter and sweet. The finish is citrus and a pleasant lingering bitterness.  

The mouthfeel is medium with plenty of carbonation to lighten it up.  

New Dogtown is a crisp, refreshing beer.  I never had the pleasure of an old Dogtown, but this one is a winner.

Lagunitas makes me happy, once again.  It doesn't really take a lot to make me happy.  Good beer makes me happy.  

Overall: very good.

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