Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chocolate Sombrero

Some people are afraid of clowns.  I'm not. But some of them can be pretty creepy.  I mean, what's really going on behind that make up?  What are they hiding from?  That's the sort of thing that freaks me out a little bit about clowns.

Now the shoes.  The clown shoes, as it were.  That is where it's at.  You know what they say about the size of man's shoe in relation to the size of his . . . uhm . . . 

But I digress.  I want to talk about beer.  Clown Shoes beer. Specifically, Chocolate Sombrero.  In this case, the size of the shoe correlates very nicely with the quality of the beer.

By the way, that's quite a creepy clown they have there on the bottle.  Freaky deaky!

About the beer . . . 

Chocolate Sombrero (9% ABV) by Clown Shoes is a great beer.  It's an imperial stout brewed with roasted dark and chocolate malts, ancho chile, cinnamon and vanilla.  That's a lot going on in one bottle of beer.  In a very good way!

It pours a rich mahogany with a thick tan head.

The aroma is enticing, to say the very least.  Roasty malts, cocoa and chocolate dominate the more sublime scents of  vanilla and other spices.

The flavor wonderful!  Big malt flavor combined with loads of chocolate.  The subtle sweetness is enhanced by the flavors of cinnamon and vanilla.  What about those chilies?  They can be felt more than tasted.  Oh, don't get me wrong, you can taste of hint of the peppers.  But it's the pleasant capsaicin burn that gives this beer a real kick.  The finish is malty and roasty with a bit of booziness on the back end.

The mouth feel is creamy and smooth.  And that hot pepper warmth contributes adds very nicely to that.  This is a pretty easy drinking beer all things considered.  It's so tasty I just drank it right up.  Delish!

Overall: very good!


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