Friday, May 3, 2013

Hizzöner Maibock

Two Roads has brewed a new beer dedicated to Stratford mayor John Harkins. 

The new brew is a maibock and has been dubbed Hizzöner. Get it? His Honor / Hizzöner.  

Maibock is a traditional spring lager.  Translated from German, maibock literally means the bock beer of May.

The mayor himself was on hand at the brewery acting as burgermeister - master of ceremonies - to celebrate the tapping of the beer brewed in Hizzöner . . . er . . . his honor.

Maibocks are a strong malty lager distinguishable from traditional bocks by the bittering presence of hops.

The keg arrived in dramatic style on a hook from the brewery floor amid the din of Wagner's Ride of the Valkryies.  The keg was then hoisted by a strapping young brewery worker and heaved onto the bar to the delight and applause of all in attendance.   

With Two Roads CEO Brad Hittle at his side and the keg braced in waiting, the mayor raised the mallet to tap the keg.  In my excitement I shouted, "Tap that bunghole!!"  Yep, cuz that's the way I roll.  

Whether or not his honor noticed my gaff, or perhaps he simply chose to ignore me, the burgermeister tapped the keg and the maibock began to flow.  

Mayor Harkins got the first taste and pronounced it "smooth" and "delicious".

I am happy to say that I was the first of the unwashed masses to get a pull from the tap!  

When the tap tender announced, "Who wants a beer?!"  I was standing directly across from him and raised my arms up, jumped up and down and shouted, "ME!"  (Heh, I'm not shy)

Three glasses were filled for me and my companions.  Brewmaster Phil Markowski raised his glass with us to toast the happy occasion and to his latest creation.

Hizzöner (6.5% ABV) is a rich amber colored ale with light, bubbly head that lingers to cling to the glass leaving behind a nice layer of lacing.

The aroma is malty and hints at an underlying sweetness. The flavor of the beer is both richly malty and deceptively light tasting.  The sweetness of the malt is balanced nicely by the hops but there is very little bitterness to speak of.  

The maibock compliments well the existing cast of Two Roads beers. As the burgermeister decreed, this is indeed a smooth and delicious beer.  Hizzöner is abundantly tasteful and dangerously quaffable. Indulge judiciously!

Overall: Excellent

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Lenny said...

In my opinion this is the BEST of all the offerings that I tasted last night....IT IS DELICIOUS!!!