Saturday, May 18, 2013

Texas Exile

Texas Exile is  my first experience with Brash Beer.  Poking around their website they look like a fun bunch.  Wanting to learn more about them I looked further. I discovered that they share the same physical address as Ipswich Ale.  Digging a little deeper it turns out that they are a contract brewer.  Generally this is a turn off for me.  But the fellows at Brash haven't much choice.  For a number of reasons due to the archaic brewing laws in Texas it is very difficult for them to brew their own beer in their home state.  So they brew at Ipswich.

Now I know where the name Texas Exile comes from.  Brash truly is in exile from Texas.

Okay, I'm over it. 

Now what's with the label? A dude on a tricycle and a balloon. Weird. Ah ha!  My research has produced even greater dividends!  This is my theory.  The brewer from Brash is an Englishman who wound up residing in Texas by some convoluted means.  The fellow on the bicycle is a bobby.  He is being treated like a child by the Texas authorities; hence the tricycle, balloon and Texas Ranger holding him back.  Jolly good mockery, that!

Enough tomfoolery. On to the beer.

I like coffee.  Hell, let's be honest, I need coffee.  I like beer, too.  I don't need it but I want it.

It's remarkable how well coffee and beer mesh together.  Dark toasted malts and roasty coffee beans to go together like they were meant to be.  Brash combines the two very well in Texas Exile - an ale brewed with coffee.

Texas Exile (10.50% ABV) pours black as black gets with a gorgeous mocha colored head that forms a thick froth with good retention.

The aroma is like a whiff from a fresh bold cup of coffee with a whisper of smoke.

The flavor is initially bitter black coffee softened by a bit of sweet malt.  While the coffee dominates the palate there are notes of dark chocolate and smoke present, as well.  The finish is an espresso-like bitterness.  It's impressive how well the alcohol is concealed.

The mouth feel is full without being heavy.  It's actually nice and creamy.

Overall: very good.

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