Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Roads First Firkin Thursday

Alex and Ted

Two Roads Brewery will be tapping into a casked version of one their regular brews on the first Thursday of every month - an event they have dubbed First Firkin Thursday.

An ale firkin is a quarter keg of beer; it is what is commonly used for casking. The word "firkin" comes from the Dutch "vierdekijn" meaning "fourth". 

Of course, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to try a casked Two Roads brew.  So, I went to the first First Firkin Thursday.  

As if Road 2 Ruin isn't hoppy enough, this month's cask featured this double IPA dry hopped with Mosaic hops.  Road 2 Ruin's hop profile is big with bold citrus and floral characteristics.  The Mosaic hops add even more citrus but also introduce the flavors of pine resin, tropical fruit and other fruits.


Was the casked Mosaic dry hopped Road 2 Ruin good?  Hells ya!  It was abundantly hoppy in flavor and aroma.  Delicious!

I did a side by side comparison between the casked version and the regular Road 2 Ruin. I was surprised at how very different they were!  

Take for instance the variance in color and clarity.  They are both a lovely burnt orange.  The regular Road 2 Ruin is clear and bright. The casked version is a deeper and denser.

Road 2 Ruin is a double IPA with a bold hop profile and massive flavor.  It's a great beer!  However, in contrast with the casked version, it is notably meek and mild.  The casked Road 2 Ruin has a wonderful intensity of flavor that assaults the tastebuds with fresh hops and wicked good bitterness.

This is a hophead's dream!  Quite droolworthy. Overall: Excellent!

It is a big firkin deal!

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