Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High Tide Fresh Hop IPA

I can't get Port Brewing beer in Connecticut.  Well, at least not from my local beer store.  I did, however, manage to acquire a bottle of High Tide beer, nonetheless.  

Was it worth the extra effort?  Yuppers, it was.

I'm a big fan of west coast beer.  Especially, hoppy west coast beers. And High Tide fresh hop IPA didn't disappoint me.

High Tide (6.5% ABV) is indeed a hoppy beer.  It's hopped in the kettle.  It's hopped in the whirlpool.  And it's dry hopped.  That's a lot of hops.  

It pours a hazy honey gold with a big fluffy IPA head that laces nicely. 

The aroma is big on citrus and big on pine.  It's not a throw you through a hoppy loop smell, but very pleasant.

The taste is all hops.  This is an IPA lovers IPA.  It's nice and bitter and hoppy - lots of citrus and resin goodness.  But there's enough of a malt presence to balance out all that wonderful bitterness.  The finish is, again, hoppy.  It lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

The mouthfeel is light and bubbly.  This is a refreshing beer.  I liked it a lot and would recommend it.  

Overall: very good.

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