Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lagunitas Maximus Ale

I haven't met a Lagunitas brew I haven't liked. When I see a Lagunitas beer I haven't tried I'll snatch up a bottle or two and give it a go knowing I won't be disappointed. They've made me happy again with Maximus Ale. 

Even my hunny who isn't a big IPA drinker likes this one. It's interesting to me that he leans towards double IPA's (AKA Imperial IPA, AKA American IPA), as opposed to regular IPA. You see, he's not a fan of bitter beers. My theory is that even though double IPA's are hoppier, thus bitterer, they also have a stronger malt presence. Malt adds a touch of sweetness and often creates a balance between bitter and sweet. Double IPA's  also have more alcohol and that's always a bonus!

Maximus Ale (8.2% ABV) pour a rich honey gold color that has a head that will get out of control with an aggressive pour.  So pour gently, you're beer will thank you for it. That big head leaves behind layer of upon layer of gorgeous lacing on the glass.

The aroma is fairly mellow and doesn't assault the nose.  It's a little bit of citrus hops, a little bit of malt and a whisper of a sweeter fruit.

The nose does not deceive. Maximus tastes very much like it smells except bolder.  The bright flavor of grapefruit hits first and then blends with tropical fruit and caramel malt.  The finish is bitter again and almost dry. The bitterness lingers pleasantly on the back of the tongue.

The mouthfeel is medium and very smooth.  The drinkability is dangerous considering how well concealed the alcohol is.  Enjoy with due caution.

This is a great brew.  I highly recommend it.  Overall: very good!


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