Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brauista's Major Award


So, this is what went down.

There I was innocently and mindlessly goofing around on Facebook, when up pops a notification that Brauista's #1 fan tagged me in a post.

The Bruery was having a Holiday Cooking with Beer Recipe contest and, seeing as how I'm always cooking with beer and whatnot, he thought I might want to submit a recipe.

Therein lay the dilemma. Which out of the multitude of my amazing recipes should I enter? I decided to go with my Beer Cheese Fondue Macaroni & Cheese.

The Bruery was selecting three out of all the submissions they received. You'll never guess what happened! They chose my recipe as the first winner. Click here to see the Bruery's post!

I have an award winning recipe! As if that isn't not cool enough, The Bruery sent me a prize pack; a major award as it were! No, they didn't send me a sexy leg lamp. What they sent was a package chocked full of Bruery swag. The best prize ever. Well not ever - maybe if they had sent me beer **wink** - but it's pretty rockin'!

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