Sunday, December 22, 2013

Amber Apparition

The hypnotic, Tim Burton-ish babe on the bottle was enough to attract my attention to this bottle. But the kicker was the brewery.

Henniker is a brewery I've been meaning to try since it opened in 2011. So, when I spotted this bottle at the Vista Country Store during a recent visit to North Hampshire I had to snatch it up.

An interesting fact, among many, about the Town of Henniker where the brewery resides, there is only one town in the whole wide world with the name of Henniker. How cool is that?

Amber Apparition (5.20% ABV) Pours a clear amber with a big pile of foam that leaves behind good clingy lacing.

The aroma is lightly malty.

The taste is has a good malty flavor. Although it doesn't create a lot of bitterness, there is resinous hoppy zing to offset the sweetness of the malts.  The finish is clean and subtly malty.

The mouth feel is light with gentle effervescence.

Amber Apparition is a very drinkable amber ale. Smooth and flavorful! A good example of the style. I can't wait to try more beer from Henniker!

Overall: good.

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