Thursday, December 5, 2013

Workin' the firkin

The holidays are fast approaching and Two Roads is bringing the festive mood to the brewery.

There is a tree hanging from the gantry crane over the brewery floor. The tree was made by a Two Roads staffer from cans that the brewery contract brews for. The tree is topped with a giant green ribbon made from pallet tie straps.

There is also a live tree in the corner that is decorated with lights, balls, and Two Roads beer labels. Tucked under the tree are packages of what I suspect to be empty beer cases. I didn't want to be disappointed so I didn't check.

The special firkin this week was Holiday Ale infused with fresh ginger. WOW!

The aroma was amazing; bright and fresh. The taste was just as good. The ginger nicely compliments the spices in the beer. Good stuff!

I love firkin Thursdays!

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