Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Beans, beans, the musical fruit.  Oops, the wrong kind of beans.

The beans in Sixpoint Brewery's 3Beans are cacao, coffee, and romano.

Cacao beans and coffee beans I get; chocolate, coffee,  and beer make wonderful bed fellows.

But romano beans?  A common garden bean? Yes, that actually makes sense, as well. Romano beans are an easily cultivated form of protein. Added to the mash, they help to create a smoother, more robust full bodied beer.

Sounds like desirable makings for a good brew.

3Beans (10.00% ABV) is a Baltic Porter.

It pours a ruby red that is deep and dark in the glass. The head is full and dense. It clings to the glass forming tight lace.

The aroma is an enticing combination of coffee and chocolate.

The taste is milk chocolate and fresh brewed coffee. The sweetness of the malt is offset nicely by bittering roastiness.  The finish is some coffee and cocoa.

The alcohol is well concealed but can be felt as a tingle on the tongue and gums.

The mouth feel is full and smooth.

3Beans is a rich and delicious. A well crafted brew.

Overall: very good.

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