Sunday, December 15, 2013

J. Timothy's Taverne

Although J. Timothy's Taverne in Plainville has been a restaurant since 1985, the building has been in existence since 1789. Throughout it's history it has been a private residence, a blacksmith shop, an inn, and a public house. It's even purported to be haunted.

I've known for sometime that J. Timothy's is known for their expansive beer list. That in itself is reason enough to visit; for me at least.

But then I saw that The Daily Meal voted their wings #2 in all of the United States. I love wings! So there's another great reason to visit.

They have perfected the "art" of dirty wings and that's what makes them so special. Their wings are dipped in sauce before and after going into the fryer. Apparently, it takes some skill to pull this off without the wings coming out something wretched awful. I don't know about that. But I can tell you they were good. And so was the rest of my meal.

The service was also great. Despite being busy busy busy, the staff was attentive, helpful, and friendly.

Good food, good beer, and good service makes J. Timothy's a winner in my ever so humble but vocal opinion.

Like I said, J. Timothy's has an impressive beer list. They feature local brewers, craft beer from around the country, imports, and the usual macros.

Having spent the day visiting several Connecticut breweries - New England BrewingShebeenFirefly Hollow, & Relic - I was in the mood to try something from afar.

Celebration Ale (6.8% ABV) brewed by Sierra Nevada is an American IPA.

Served in a sturdy mug, it is clear coppery amber with a clingy thick floof of foam. The aroma is mouth watering hoppy goodness; piney, citrussy, earthy.

The taste is all those bitter hops counterbalanced by a solid malt backbone.  Bitter and sweet comingle quite nicely in this brew.  The finish is crisp with lingering maltiness. The mouthfeel is medium with good carbonation.

Overall: good

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel (4.8% ABV) brewed by Warsteiner Brauerei is a Munich Dunkel Lager

Is clear dark brown with a tight but small head that leaves little lacing. The aroma is malty, somewhat bready, and lightly sweet caramel.

The taste is classic. Roasty malts, sweeter caramel malts complimented by biscuit and yeast. Light tasting and drinkable.  The mouth feel is not quite medium with good tingly carbonation. A smooth and refreshing brew. Overall: good.

On a side note - I don't know why, but I'm always surprised when a dark beer has a low alcohol content. Somewhere deep in my grey matter it's ingrained that dark beer equates to strong beer. I know better, but I can't help thinking it. Anyhoo . . .

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