Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I am already a fan of Victory Brewing, however I had not heard of this particular beer.  DirtWolf was recommended to me by fellow beer blogger Vin of Bier Battered [.] com. He was so insistent, I was anxious to try it. So, I ran out to my favorite beer store and grabbed a bottle. It was, I must say, a most excellent recommendation.

DirtWolf (8.70% ABV) is a double IPA. It pours a pale cloudy amber with a bright full head that leaves behind decent lacing.

The aroma is all hops; resinous, somewhat dank, and earthy. Droolworthy, to be sure.

The taste is very much reflective of the aroma. It is rather nutty and piney and earthy. It is not as malt forward as some imperial IPA's but the sweetness comes from juicy fruit flavors that I would attribute to the hops. The alcohol can be felt as a gentle tingling sensation. The finish is dry and bitter.

The mouth feel, mediumish with lots a bubbly carbonation.

As the name would seem to suggest, DirtWolf is bold and - I hate to say it again but - earthy and it has a bite. A rockin' good beer!

Overall: very good.

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