Monday, December 30, 2013

Winni Ale

603 is a newish brewery located in the heart of New Hampshire. Founded in 2012 by three friends and homebrewers, they started out by taking advantage of New Hampshire's special classification for nano breweries.

A nano brewery can produce no more than 2000 gallons of beer a year.  They pay a discounted fee for their brewery license and they get a pass on some of the usual brewpub restrictions.  A downside is that they must self distribute their beer.  There are, of course, all kinds of other legal mumbo-jumbo involved but I'm not getting into that.

They've recently moved from their original location in Campton to Londonberry. The plan is to expand from a nano-brewery to a full-fledged micro-brewery.

I recently laid hands on one of their flagship brews, Winni Ale, and I have to say I enjoyed it.  It's a classic amber and is a good, solid example of the style; very tasty.

Winni Ale (6.50% ABV) pours a hazy orangy red with a smallish head that clings to the glass leaving behind nice tight lacing.

The aroma was all malt and very appealing.

The taste was what I would expect from an amber. A good solid malt backbone with some spice notes. A good balance of sweet and bitter with a crisp finish.

The mouth feel was lighter than expected and quite effervescent.

Winni Ale is clean tasting and very drinkable. It goes down easy and is mild enough to appeal to the novice beer drinker.

Overall: good

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