Saturday, December 14, 2013


As my search for local winter beer continued, there was one beer that is an annual favorite that I hadn't gotten my greedy little hands on yet - Thomas Hooker Nor'Easter. You would think such a beer would be easy to find at any Connecticut neighborhood beer store. You'd think.

But nooooooooooooo. I went to my favorite beer store that has just about any beer I want. But not this one. It seems someone forgot to order it. Although they did ease my pain by offering me free samples of beer. That helped.

So, next I went to another beer store and then another and another. Does NO ONE have Nor'Easter? One of the most popular winter beers in Connecticut? Seriously??

Now I made it my mission to find some of this beer! I will not be denied! I finally found it at last store I looked. Isn't that always the way??

Nor'Easter (6.00% ABV) pours a rich clear amber with a wisp of a head that leaves nothing behind.

The aroma is malty and bready with a hint of spice and something else. The else is reminiscent of coconut.

The taste is super malty combined with caramel, cocoa, and mild spices.  Again, there is that coconut which is interesting and likable.  The finish is lingering malty sweetness.

The mouth feel is mediumish with moderate carbonation.

Nor'Easter is a smooth, drinkable beer. A good winter warmer.

Overall: good.

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