Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deth's Tar

During my recent visit to Relic I had tried all there was to sample. Or did I?

Apparently not, out of nowhere a bottle mysteriously appeared in Mark's hand. Say, what's this?

Revolution Brewing Deth's Tar, a bourbon barrel aged Russian imperial stout.


What's really interesting about this offering is that different batches are aged in four different brand bourbon barrels and then blended. Very interesting, indeed.

Deth's Tar (11.4% ABV) pours black as night and thick like oil with nary a hint of foam.

The aroma is mostly bourbon with some roastiness.

The taste is an initial hit of bourbon. The bourbon flavor is big but not overpowering. Roasty malts and dark coffee flavors come to the forefront. The alcohol lends a brandy-like favor quality and warms all the way down to your belly.  The taste reminds me a bit of the Sam Adams Triple Bock I had not too long ago, but not as intense. The finish is somewhat sweet with alcohol warmth.

The mouth feel is full and smooth.

Deth's Tar is definitely a sipper. Kick back, put your feet up, and savor this brew.

Overall: good

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