Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cogsman Ale

I don't always drink beer when I come to the White Mountains, oh wait, yes I do.

There are many places to drink great beer brewed locally. One of my favorite places to go for fresh beer brewed right on the premises is Woodstock Inn Brewery.  The beer is always good and the food is nothing to shake a stick at either.

Aside from the beer, I enjoyed hot wings and their famous meat loaf served à la wellington. Nom-dilly-icious!

Check this! We're in one of their promotional videos!  Hubby is the one nomming the enormous burger and I'm the one laughing at him!

(Skip to 0:25 in the video)

Cogsman Ale (5.60% ABV) was poured from the tap into a Pig's Ear shaker pint.  The beer is a clear reddish amber and arrived with a thin wisp of head. Little lacing to speak of.

The aroma is pretty low-key; caramel malt and a hint of earthy hops. Light smelling but promising.

The taste is toasty malt - some caramel and biscuit. There a subtle sweet fruitiness that is offset nicely by a touch of hops. This is an even tasting beer; not too sweet, not too bitter. Good taste without being in-your-face. The finish is clean.

The mouth feel is light with good carbonation. Low alcohol content and mild taste makes this an easy drinking brew.

I have to admit that I like Cogsman Ale better this time than the last time I had it. In fact, I went home with a growler. Good stuff.

Overall: good.

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