Monday, December 9, 2013

Fat-Ten-Er #3

When I was New England Brewing a couple weeks ago, I got a growler filled with Fat-Ten-Er #2. While a was there I got a sniff of the upcoming Fat-ten-er. Mmmm, a milk stout.

Fat-Ten-Er #3 was tapped and I've been waiting for a chance to get back to the brewery to give it a try.

I figured the last day at the brewery before the big move was as a good a day as any. Say good-bye to the old place and grab some beer; kill two birds with one stone and all that.

I can't wait to visit the new location when they're up and running!

I got there fairly early but was still expecting a mob scene. There was a small line and not too long a wait, but people were piling in as I waited for my turn at the tap. Thanks goodness I had the forsight to bring my own growler because they ran out! Whew. The guy behind me didn't have a growler. I wish I'd known they were out of glass because I had a couple extra with me and would have offered him one. Sorry, dude!

Anyhoo, if you are unfamiliar with the Fat-Ten-Er series, the beer is brewed in a chubby tank that the brewers at New England Brewing use as their private playground. They're using the fat little ten barrel tank to make small batches of special beers. Get it Fat-Ten-Er. So clever!

Fat-Ten-Er #3 (5.5% ABV) pours black as a starless night with a pile of mocha color froth that dwindles to a halo of glass grabbing foam.

The aroma is of dark roasted coffee and milk chocolate.

The taste has a distinctive NEBCO quality. The beer itself is roasty with a good dose of coffee and a subtler taste of creamy chocolate. The finish is pleasantly bitter with roasted coffee remnants.

When I was drinking Fat-Ten-Er #3 I was thinking it was like a lighter, sweeter Imperial Stout Trooper.

The mouth feel is thinner than I like for a milk stout but still relatively creamy with tingly carbonation.

Overall: very good.

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