Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Abbey II

Hubby was looking for places that sold locally brewed New Hampshire beer when he came across Abbey II - a beer store that also sells cigars and rents movies (also right next door to its sister store Abbey Cellars which is a purveyor of fine wines and delicacies).

From the looks of the website it seemed like a good spot to pick up some good craft brews.  We're always on the prowl for new and interesting beers. The next time we happened to be in Lincoln, NH we decided we would make it a point to swing by and check the place out.

Well, we just so happened to be in Lincoln the other day so that's just what we did.

It's a small store located in a little shopping center along the main stretch in Lincoln.  Considering it's size, they really do have an amazing selection of craft beer - both warm and chilled.  We could've gone nuts and spent a couple hundred dollars.  No kidding.  We ended with a pile of brews and managed to limit ourselves to about $50.  It wasn't easy. 

If you happen to be in Lincoln, New Hampshire, I recommend you stop by. 

This was our haul . . .

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your wonderful endorsement! I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you in our shops again soon!