Monday, June 24, 2013

CBG Revolution Brewfest - Lasting Brass Brewing

The guys from Lasting Brass were a hoot and a half.  They're not yet an "official" brewery but they're working on it.  It was good to see them at CBG's Revolution Brewfest!

Ed Silva, the head brewer, and his lackey Jim were pouring up some good brews.  They had three on tap at the CBG Revolution Brewfest.

Hopsession (5.5% ABV) is an American pale ale using citra hops.  This is a pretty darn hoppy pale ale.  Why?  Because they dry hopped the keg.  Yeah, that'll do it!  I loves me some hoppy beer!  Good stuff!

Old Colony Saison (7% ABV) is a traditional farmhouse ale with a touch of honey.  They say it's got a funky farmhouse ester?  Who's Ester?  Is she hiding under the hay in the barn? Seriously, this is a slightly sweet, juicy fruity brew with nary a hint of bitterness.  Full flavored and delicious!

Brass City Blonde (5.8%) is a bright summery Kölsch.  Mildly hoppy, slightly fruity, a little malty.  Crisp and refreshing.  This is a really good brew! A good example of the style.

I look forward to seeing more goodness coming from Lasting Brass.   And that lackey dude is quite the photo bomber!

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